Live. Bernard Joseph’s beautiful boats

A Cantalou exhibition in Aveyron is not that common and, in addition, it is the first solo exhibition of this artist, at 82 years old! “Passionate about photography, member of the Focale 12 association in Decazeville, I have exhibited, but only at collective events”, Bernard Joseph humbly confides.

Born in Sanvensa, he studied in Villefranche-de-Rouergue. He married in 1965 a woman from Decazevilloise. Having become a teacher, he was appointed to Cantal, first to Montsalvy and then to Maurs, where he still lives.

Well established, Bernard returns to his first passion, photography, the secrets of which were passed on to him by a drawing teacher. Then, everything comes together, he discovers the slides that he also uses in school classes, he also ventures into making short films and improves his skills in photographing nature, landscapes, fauna, flora…

His wife’s death in 1996 marked a halt. But after he retired, photography allowed him to get back on track and escape. Having traveled a lot, he presents in Viviez, as part of the cultural events “Un mois, un moi”, a superb series of photos on boats.

An invitation to travel

“Three years ago, when looking at my stock of digital photos, I noticed an “influx” of images about all types of boats, from precarious floating objects to very sophisticated boats, including several original boats, in several countries and continents” , summarizes the artist.

“Bernard shows the variety of boats from around the world, with photos classified by theme, some little known, a great invitation to travel”, highlights Caroline, cultural advisor.

Finally, deputy mayor Philippe Fouquenet, initiator of these cultural events, invites everyone to discover Bernard Joseph’s production, during the opening hours of the City Council room, from Monday to Friday, until December 22nd.

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