Five good reasons to take night trains

Several new night train lines opened in 2021.
This trip saves you a night in a hotel.
For families, this option is more economical than the train or plane during the day.

In the past, the French traveled a lot on night trains. After experiencing strong development and its peak between the 1930s and 1970s in Europe, this service lost strength, competing in particular with the TGV, the plane and the car. In addition to major renovation works on the roads, SNCF invested in the reopening of several lines in 2021. The night train allows you to travel in an environmentally friendly way, but it is also an excellent way to save money and create new memories. .

The night train allows you to optimize your travel time

The first reason that may encourage you to opt for the night train is that you don’t waste the day traveling! When you go on vacation the days are numbered and spending the first ten hours on a train, plane or car is not very interesting. By leaving in the evening at around 9 or 10 pm, your holiday can start stress-free as soon as you arrive at the station the next morning, saving considerable travel time!

The night train journey is a journey in itself

We’ve all seen films in which the actors travel on a night train and, we have to admit, this moment seems to have a special flavor. Sitting in your cabin, having dinner on board the train, reading a book, talking or playing with the other passengers… These are precious memories that we will remember!

Bunk compartment offers more privacy

There are several ways to travel by night train. In particular, you can book sleeping cars with cabins with one to three beds and a sink (some even have a shower), cars with reclining seats, cars with seats and sleeper cars. They include four or six beds per compartment depending on the class and it is obviously possible to privatize them for greater privacy. The perfect opportunity to spend a friendly and unusual moment with family or friends!

Traveling by night train is ecological

The fourth big advantage of choosing the night train is limiting your carbon footprint! Traveling by train corresponds to 90% less CO2 than traveling by plane or car, a big difference when you want to travel responsibly. As a bonus, we avoid the stress of traffic jams, the hustle and bustle at airports or even waiting for a taxi. All you have to do is sit back on the train and relax. A precious moment to remember how beautiful nature is, whilst taking care of it!

Children will be calmer

Finally, the last advantage of choosing a night train is ensuring peace and tranquility! Children will be tired from the day and rest during the trip, unlike a trip in broad daylight during which they can become very excited. From an economic point of view, an overnight train reservation will also generally cost less than a day trip for a family. And for good reason, most tickets are cheaper, not to mention the discounts offered for children.


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