which books to put under the Christmas tree in 2023?

A children’s travel guide for Bonhomme de chemin

It is a beautiful story we tell you Some months ago. After a sabbatical from family and travel, Hugues and Stéphanie decided to start creating travel guides for children: “We don’t want to replace existing guides. Our works are appetizers, we get straight to the point, we try to arouse curiosity and spark initial interest.” Hugues told us in August 2022. Since then, Bonhomme de chemin has been offering travel game books, but also museum and foreign language guides. Latest releases for Christmas: Children’s Ireland, the Hindi phrasebook but also La Rochelle for children

Good news for expatriates, Bonhomme de chemin broadcasts throughout France, at FNAC, in bookstores, airports and museums. “We are also available in some French bookstores abroad, such as Rome, New York, Athens, London, Berlin, Switzerland and Morocco.”

Bonhomme de chemin creates travel and foreign language guides for children

Val Reiyel writes beautiful youthful lives

Val Reiyel’s Helmouth mammoth wig

We fell under the charm of this young mammoth, who doesn’t have the traditional tuft of hair on his head. He then looks for solutions, helped by his animal friends. Will he be able to hide his guilt or accept his difference? “It’s a small story that teaches you to be proud of your particularities and to transform your difference into strength.” tells us about Val Reiyel, actress, screenwriter, novelist and children’s author, passionate about environmental issues. Good news, the adventures of Helmmouth, very well illustrated by Eloïse Oger, will continue in 2024.

Taking advantage of our meeting with the author, we discovered theand book “Mystery on the Mound” which this time tells the adventures of Top the Mole. She is surprised to find herself face to face with animals that have come to observe her underground home. Why do they come like this? The heroine decides to go to the surface to clarify the mystery. A beautiful story, illustrated this time by Barbara Bongini, which tries to make children understand the importance of having their own opinion and differentiating themselves…

The irreducible Asterix lives his 40th adventure

The White Iris, Asterix’s 40th new adventure

We no longer present our Gallic hero who lives, since the end of October 2023, his 40th adventure, under the pen of Fabcaro and Didier Conrad. This time, here he comes across a guru… The plot therefore takes place in the heart of the Gallic village. Realizing that his troops were becoming unmotivated, Caesar decided to send Vicevertus to his troops, a character full of charisma and seduction who leads a positive school of thought. Little by little, this “external element will change the entire ecosystem of the village”, even the emblematic couple Bonemine and chef Abraracourcix. May expats rejoice, Asterix is ​​as multilingual as ever. His new album is translated into 20 languages ​​and dialects, with three new languages ​​this year: Greek, Danish and Mexican. It is the best-selling comic book in the world according to the official website. Added this year is the edition of 5 million copies.

The White Iris: Asterix facing the guru Vicevertus in his 40th adventure

Classic tales appear at Christmas

MinaLima pop-up classic tales

This is a recommendation from our London edition and Librairie La Page in South Kensington: the great classic tales, revisited in a pop-up version to put a little more magic in children’s eyes… Snow White, Alice in Country of Wonders, Peter Pan, The Wizard of Oz… For children aged 6 and over, animated and interactive stories are offered by Flammarion with the creative duo MinaLima. Miraphora Mina and Eduardo Lima are known for having imagined and designed the graphic universe of the Harry Potter books…

the super zeros, a crazy historical comic!

The historic and eccentric comic book “Super Zeros”

We really fell in love with this whimsical comic that made us laugh a lot in the newsroom. For 12 years, Quelle histoire editions have been telling children the Great History through books, games and encyclopedias. But this time, we’re talking about a comic with an eccentric tone and theme, as it’s the failures of great historical characters that are highlighted!

“We explain real events, some dramatic but in a lighter way. This book helps remind children, gently and with a smile, that the right to make mistakes is universal.” explains Albin Quéru, one of the founders of Quelle Histoire. In the program, the fall of Vercingétorix, the unhappy ending of Cleopatra, the succession to the throne of France or even the failure of Maginot… We had fun and recommend the book for Christmas, wherever you are. Two other creations are worth a look: My 1st World Atlas (which we were able to leaf through to confirm our favorite) and mythologies of the world

Navillera, the successful South Korean comic book

Navillera, Volume 1, by South Koreans Hun and Jimmy

For the first time, our Seoul edition recommends a South Korean comic adapted into a webtoon – or a manhwa, that is, a comic published online of South Korean origin. This is Navillera, published in 2022, “a gentle and sensitive story that is also adapted into a drama, currently broadcast on Netflix”, confides publisher Delcourt. It tells the greatest desire of Sim, a former postman: to become a dancer. The eldest son of a large family, he had to exchange his childhood dream for a stable situation. At age 70, he decides to take a risk and meets a young ballet prodigy, torn between his passion and his difficult daily life. Together, they will face the challenge of forming a duo… A crazy talent from Hun, a screenwriter, and Jimmy, a South Korean cartoonist, who has no less than 2 million views in South Korea. To get it, go here . Good news, Navillera also has volumes 2, 3 and 4!

a party in Bali that is celebrated in a very beautiful book

Ayu celebrates Nyepi in Bali published by Gope

Lepetitjournal.com from Jakarta talks to us a very cool children’s book whose story takes place in Bali. Author Albane de Lambert and illustrator Hélène Rozenberg tell the genesis of the work: ‘After experiencing the day of silence and marveling at the puppet parades, I had the idea of ​​designing a book to tell French-speaking children about it. . unique event in the world.” says Albane de Lambert. “The difficulty for us was to offer the most rigorous representation possible in consideration of a culture that was not ours, without intending to be something didactic or impersonal.” completes Hélène Rozenberg.

The story ? Ayu is a Balinese girl; She participates with her family in the preparations for the Nyepi festival. All the inhabitants prepare a large parade of papier-mâché puppets, called ogoh-ogoh. They are monsters to scare away evil spirits from the island. As the night progresses, Ayu gets lost in the crowd and begins to dream… This way you can find out.

A New Children’s Book Set in Indonesia: Ayu Celebrates Nyepi in Bali

emotions instructions for using a book for our expat children

Emotions: research and instructions for Art-Mela

A recommendation that comes to us from Lireka, a universal bookstore whose mission is to spread French culture by sending free books all over the world. “ANDmotions: investigation and instructions for use – Volume 1“It’s one of our best sellers abroad in recent months”, confides Emma Henry, general manager at Lireka. The author offers a comic book for children over 7 years old, but also for adults who want to help children understand themselves. To go further, there is a volume 2 (going to the source of needs) but also a volume 3 (exploring the different parts of yourself)

poop prout explains digestion to expat kids

Poop prout, the universal cleaning theme

Another suggestion from the universal bookstore Lireka: books to explain digestion and cleansing to children, which continue to be a reference, in France and abroad. The little book Caca prout for example, from Dr. Catherine Dolto and Colline Faure-Poirée. The introduction of the book is well said: “casually, in order to live, all humans and all animals poop and are proud. Everyone knows this, but they say it’s polite not to talk about it too much.” So let’s talk about it with this book, for children aged 2 to 4.

the drawn dande, the soft in Indonesia, a jewel of learning

The wildlingsan eco-friendly comic set in Indonesia

Julien takes his ten-year-old daughter Joanne to Indonesia to discover an increasingly threatened nature. Three weeks spent in Sumatra, Komodo and a detour through Jakarta are worth more than all the documentaries in the world…

lepetitjournal.com from Jakarta shares with us a new gem, a “comic that avoids the usual Indonesian clichés, while highlighting one of its great riches: nature”, comments our correspondent. In addition to the ecological message, the reader will appreciate the beautiful graphics and soft, nuanced color palette by Spanish illustrator Nadar, the realistic dialogues and the touching relationship between father and daughter that he sees grow. To put in the hands of everyone, from the age of 10!

The Savages, an eco-friendly graphic novel set in Indonesia

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