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On board a plane, all economy class travelers dream of having a free update to enjoy the comfort of the upper classes. But this can sometimes be considered against the rules, at least according to this commissioner.

Traveling in business class or first class is a privilege that is not available to all budgets. So all that’s left is to wait for the chance to get a free upgrade upon boarding.

“Our airline considers this theft”

A flight attendant says sneaking into a higher class, or even getting an upgrade from the cabin crew, is considered theft by the airline.

Destanie Armstrong, flight attendant, quoted Wednesday, November 29, by the newspaper Daily Starexplains that free upgrades are made at the boarding gate.

According to her, airlines consider passengers who are accommodated in upper class cabins as “ thieves “, even if it was a member of the cabin crew who gave them permission.

Our airline considers this theft. We never allow this “, she specifies. “ If someone wants to change cabins or even upgrade, it is up to the gate agent to take care of this. “.

“The free upgrade must be granted before boarding the plane”

Passengers and cabin crew caught in the act could get into trouble. As a flight attendant, she says she may have “ many problems » offering upgrades to passengers.

Our airline considers this a theft because the passenger did not pay for the ticket or get the upgrade properly. », he adds the stewardess. She reiterates that anyone legitimately getting an upgrade must get it before boarding the plane.

But despite this, she claims to have seen passengers trying to sneak into the more expensive cabins without the crew’s knowledge. Furthermore, she adds that some go as far as flirting with her to get an upgrade.

On several occasions, men have attacked me thinking I would get them their first lesson because they told me I was pretty. “, she says.


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