here are 5 things I would never do in a hotel

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Staying in a hotel can be very pleasant… or not! According to many travel experts, if we are not careful enough, a stay in a hotel establishment can quickly turn into a disaster, mainly for hygiene and safety reasons. security.

A former flight attendant has revealed certain things she learned never to do during her hotel stay. Here, according to her, she will be able to improve her stay.

1- Walk barefoot

It’s in the columns Narcity that the former flight attendant, who preferred to remain anonymous, reveals what she learned during her years in office.

She states: ” If your room is carpeted, think twice before taking off your socks “. She claims that this surface is not always clean.

2- Sleep on decorative pillows

Unlike other pillows with washable covers, decorative pillows can be difficult to clean “, explains the former flight attendant.

The other problem is that some customers don’t mind throwing these pillows on the floor. So, if you don’t want to sleep on a pillow full of dirt or bacteria, avoid decorative pillows.

3- Place your luggage on the carpet or bed

The expert states that it is very important not to place your suitcase on the bed or on the bedroom carpet. “ To avoid the Bedbugs “, she says, adding that these parasites can hide” on bedding, carpets or other upholstered items “.

Other experts even advise placing your suitcase in the bathtub, where you will certainly not find bedbugs.

4- Drink tap water

When I started working as a flight attendant, many of my colleagues advised me not to drink hotel water », confides the former professional, and for good reason.

In a February 2023 report, Quench Water revealed “ possible accumulation of germs and bacteria » in the tap water of American hotels. Therefore, it is best to bring sealed water bottles.

5- Use refillable hygiene products

Although it is a personal preference due to the nature of the skin, the expert recommends avoiding the use of refillable hygiene products.

Opinion supported by a former hotel manager who revealed in a TikTok video : “ I will never use those refillable shampoo and conditioner bottles. People can put anything there. I’ve already found hair removal cream and only God knows what’s in it. “.


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