Flight attendant caught “recycling” orange juice in first class

A flight attendant on duty. (Photo by Quality Stock Arts / Adobe Stock)

Being served hot or refreshing drinks is one of the few pleasures we have left. by airplane. But after this revelation, you will probably no longer accept the glasses or cups that the flight attendants present to you.

One traveler did, in fact, manage to take a chilling photo of a flight attendant’s unsavory actions. She was caught red-handed.” orange juice recycling » !

Onboard beverage service: This is beyond understanding »

On November 12, traveler Rick Rose, a passenger on an American Airlines flight, posted on Facebook a photo which would be shocking.

Normally I wouldn’t do a post about this kind of thing, but American Airlines first class reuses orange juice and other juices that people don’t drink », announces the description that accompanies the photo.

The photo in question shows a flight attendantin the airplane kitchen, pouring juice from a glass or cup into the box.

The traveler describes: “ I saw a flight attendant put orange juice back in its original container after serving the cabin “. For him, the most shocking thing is “ that she didn’t just pour one cup, but poured several into the original container “.

From his seat, Mr. Rose watched the entire scene. “I finally took a photo. This is beyond understanding », he protests on Facebook.

American Airlines: recycled juice “ put it back in the fridge »

The witness, who perhaps saw what he should never have seen, states in the comments section of his post: “I was watching his every move when I saw him. The juice is returned to the refrigerator “.

The media View of the wing reports that the passenger complained to the airline. In response, the company « offered 2,500 reward points », which he refused.

On Facebook, Internet users are shocked, disgusted and outraged. “ How horrible! “,” God, it’s disgusting “,” It’s so disgusting “, we read among the approximately 67 comments.

Some others, however, seemed to already be aware of the existence of such a practice. “ You see this… “, “Ah, what a surprise! “,” Who could suspect this? “, they wrote.


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