Why you should consider booking ski lessons for your next trip to the mountains!

Maison Sport talks to us about how to choose the type of ski lesson that best suits you…

About Maison Sport:

Maison Sport is the industry’s leading booking platform for ski and snowboard lessons. Maison Sport currently operates in over 430 resorts across Europe and has over 1,000 highly qualified instructors on its platform, as well as group ski school classes in many of Europe’s most popular resorts.

The Maison Sport platform was created to help you discover the ideal instructor for you and your family. We offer direct access to a hand-picked community of top instructors, allowing you to customize your family’s experience on the slopes. Giving you more security, more control and more wonderful memories to take home.

With Maison Sport you can have more control over your time in the mountains and the experience you would like to have. To learn more, visit www.maisonsport.com today and check out https://instagram.com/maisonsport for resort updates and ski content.

How to choose the type of course that best suits you:

With Maison Sport you have the possibility to book 3 types of classes in up to 11 disciplines including (but not limited to) skiing and snowboarding:

  • Private lessons
  • Private group classes
  • Group lessons at the ski school (groups of adults and children)

In this article, learn about each type of course to make an informed decision about which is best suited to your needs.

Private lessons

When booking a private lesson at Maison Sport you will have the ability to choose your specific instructor at the resort you are booking at. Your instructor will be able to meet you at the location of your choice, whether that’s your accommodation or a meeting point at the resort. Your instructor will teach and guide you around the mountain and you will have complete flexibility in terms of areas you want to ski, times you want to visit, where you want to start and end your lessons.

Booking a private ski lesson is the best way to progress quickly in skiing. An individual lesson will be personalized according to you and your goals. When you book a lesson with Maison Sport, you will benefit from targeted feedback and be guided to the best tracks for you, providing the ideal lesson experience.

This type of course is suitable for:

  • Individuals after very personalized individual feedback
  • Those who are not so limited by budget
  • Anyone traveling alone and wants a guide
  • People with specific requirements around the experience they would like to have on the slopes
  • Anyone who wants to progress quickly in skiing
  • Anyone who wants their course to start/end at their accommodation

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Private group ski lessons

By hiring an instructor on the Maison Sport website, you will be able to ski with a total group of up to 6 friends and family. This class will have the same format as described above, with the flexibility offered by having a private instructor. With a larger group, you will be able to split the cost of the class between your groups, making it a more economical option if you still want to have a private instructor.

When you hire a private instructor, you are reserving their time. For example, if you ski as a family or as a couple, depending on the group’s capabilities, you can divide the instructors’ working time with one group in the morning and another in the afternoon. This would allow each skill level to receive reserved instructor time.

This type of course is suitable for:

  • Those traveling with family or a small group and wish to ski together and share the lesson price
  • Those who wish to divide the instructor’s time so that one part of the group/individual takes the morning time and the other part of the group/individual takes the afternoon time.
  • Anyone who wants more flexibility than that offered in a group ski school lesson: for example, which slopes to ski, restaurants for lunch, pick-up and drop-off locations and times.
  • Groups of up to 6 people

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Group lessons at the ski school

With Maison Sport you can book group ski lessons at 18 resorts across Europe. These lessons have the advantage of being cheaper than private lessons and offer the opportunity to meet and ski with other people with a similar skill level to you. You will need to meet at the dedicated meeting point at your resort and will be assigned to a group of 4 to 6 skiers (depending on the resort) whose skill level matches yours. This will allow the ski instructor to create a lesson plan that will be fun and useful for the entire class. Maison Sport offers group ski lessons for adults and children available on their website. With group classes for adults, you can book classes for 5-6 days, starting on Monday or Sunday and ending on Friday, with classes lasting 2 hours per day. For children’s classes, you can book classes for 5 to 6 days, starting on Monday or Sunday and ending on Friday, with classes lasting 3 hours or 3 hours and 45 minutes per day.

Its small group approach, with a maximum of 6 people per group, ensures that each individual receives plenty of personalized attention and technical feedback. This allows you to achieve great results in terms of skiing performance and learning speed, in a safe and fun environment at all times. Maison Sport’s goal is to make learning to ski unforgettable!

This type of course is suitable for:

  • Those who want to learn to ski in a fun group environment
  • Those looking for a more economical solution than private lessons
  • Adults and children
  • Those who agree to respect a group schedule with drop-off and appointment times
  • Those looking for a group to ski at a similar level to themselves

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How to prepare for your ski lessons

Once you’ve booked your lesson with Maison Sport, you might want to brush up on your skills before hitting the slopes. Maison Sport has a YouTube channel with a complete library of videos from its best instructors! If you’re new to skiing, these videos will give you an overview of what to expect during lessons and help reduce any anxiety you may feel about learning. If you’re at a more advanced level, the videos are perfect for preparing for your classes and getting inspiration on areas you’d like to work on with your teacher.

Don’t hesitate to contact Maison Sport if you have any questions about the type of route that best suits you and your family this winter. You can book instructors with Maison Sport at over 430 resorts and group ski lessons at 18 of Europe’s most popular ski resorts. Maison Sport is much more than booking a ski lesson. It’s about choosing an expert who can improve your experience. Maison Sport offers instructors who will understand what you want from your authentic alpine experience and can tailor their classes to your specific needs.

With Maison Sport you can have more control over your time in the mountains and the experience you would like to have.

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