VIDEO – Personalized trips thanks to Rock’n Road

IF you want to travel without complications, Pedro Gonzalez offers his services as a travel planner. Column in partnership with Touléco Montpellier.

Originally from Guatemala, Pedro Gonzalez left his country at the age of 25 to settle in Montpellier to continue his studies in human resources. Passionate about travel, he worked at Airbus, but also at an NGO in Guatemala to develop a sustainable tourism program.”I’ve traveled to 60 countries.” It was in September 2022 that the young entrepreneur decided to launch Rock’n Road, a “travel planner” service. A profession that is emerging in France and the principle is simple: plan your dream vacation for yourself.


Customized courses around the world

Personalized trips to be taken alone or in a group, accompanied by Pedro as a guide. He uses his knowledge to advise you. Whether you want to go to Berlin or Uzbekistan, the manager adapts to his wishes. “I manage all the administrative part, finding the hotel within your budget, activities on site that are out of the ordinary”. It then offers an itinerary and sends the travel diary with booking links. According to the businessman, his clients save between 40 and 60% compared to a traditional travel agency.

Among the excursions that marked Pedro, “Colombia this summer with five French people. We met locals, went hiking. So I’m getting paid to travel, it’s great.” He will also be leaving for Morocco very soon. You can follow these adventures on social media.

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