This Varoise embarked on a 5,000 km journey along the roads of France

After 81 days of travel, Camille Jousse, resident of Sainte-Anastasie, completed her tour of France by bicycle on November 19, covering a distance of 5,000 kilometers. A project that matured for several years before seeing the light of day.

“Five or six years ago, I met a girl my age who had made a long journey on foot between Lyon and Jerusalem, with her backpack on her back, knocking on doors to camp in the gardens at night,” begins the 29-year-old. young woman. It’s the first time I’ve met someone who has done this kind of adventure in real life.” An encounter that served as a trigger and reinforced Camille Jousse’s desire to embark on a great journey. It was still necessary to know how and where.

On the roads with Ginette

Cycling quickly came to her for several reasons. “It’s more accessible, it also allows you to cover more distances and avoids having to carry suitcases for X amount of time and breaking your back, she continues. We also found suitable equipment and cycling trips are growing a lot. “Fan of nature, hiking and”beautiful landscapes “, Camille Jousse is also sensitive to ecology. For her equipment, she opts for second-hand equipment as much as possible.

His two-wheeled vehicle, called “Ginette”, was, for example, custom-made in a workshop in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence specializing in used bicycles. As for the location of her wanderings, Camille Jousse didn’t think much. “ Why a trip to France? We have a super beautiful country, there are a thousand things to see here and we might as well discover what we have within our reach or close to us“, she insists.

A journey at your own pace

After several months of preparation, but not much, for her trip to France and identifying the routes and cycle paths, Camille Jousse left Sainte-Anastasie on August 31st, fully loaded, heading to Barjols. First of many steps taken. But walking all day is not his goal. She wishes “ let yourself be carried away by the journey”, visit and discover without constraints, even if that means taking detours. A freedom that extended until the moment of stopping at dusk.

To sleep, Camille Jousse had to choose between camping, finding a campsite or simply visiting friends or cycling enthusiasts like herself, thanks to a specialized application. Your family and friends could track your daily steps on your page Facebook (camera exploration). Enough to reassure them, but above all to make them proud. And there is something to be said for that.

Coming soon Brittany?

Barely came back and traveled again? Camille Jousse thinks about this. Even before returning to Sainte-Anastasie, she already had in mind “lots of travel ideas to do”, by bike or not. But as far as two-wheelers go, there’s one she particularly wants to do: the Brittany tour. “I was told about it and it’s very famous,” she explains. “Brittany, I didn’t do anything during my trip to France because it added a lot of miles and would have made me come back at the end of December. “

Praised for the beauty of its landscapes, between canals and coastline, the region is also well developed for cycling, with numerous signposted routes, cycle paths and greenways. But this project may have to wait a while. Still unsure about her professional future, Camille Jousse prefers to let the winter pass and hopes to be able to hit the roads of Brittany next spring.

For now in the garage, “Ginette” could soon hit the roads of Brittany. Photo L.-BB.

“I wanted to see what existed in other places”

Camille Jousse had this adventure in mind for a long time. But going out for almost three months while working is impossible. Working in perfumery for many years, she took advantage of a professional change to get started. “I’ve never had a down period in my life. Before graduating, I was already workingShe explains. I also never had the opportunity to see other things or meet other people. I simply wanted to see what existed elsewhere.”

A discovery from France

A trip that allowed him to cross many departments and regions about which he knew little. “I had almost never traveled in my life, whether in France or abroad, I hadn’t done much. I have my family in Pas-de-Calais so I will be back to see them regularly.she continues. But other than that, I went to Carcassonne once or spent a day with friends in Nîmes. But it’s not a big trip.” And if she enjoyed many regions or places she discovered, there was one that particularly impressed her.

“Without hesitation: Étretat. I had already seen photos, but being there had an incredible effect on me”, she remembers. Even though she believes that such a trip is within everyone’s reach, Camille Jousse doesn’t hide it: some days were more difficult than others, without being insurmountable. “I prepared myself a lot psychologically and even though I knew there would be struggles, I was happy because I knew it would make me grow. I had a moment when I missed my friends and my life here, but I stayed for a day and the next day I left again.”

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