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This new edition of Capital, presented by Julien Courbet, lifts the veil on a subject that is more relevant than ever: how to have access to luxury holidays and at the same time save your budget? How to reduce expenses associated with seaside holidays by at least 30%, without compromising the quality of services? This special edition of Capital presents a multitude of innovative strategies for luxury travel at a lower cost. Tune in this Sunday, July 2, at 9:10 pm, on M6, to watch this new report from Capital.

How to watch the Capital show again?

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Low cost holidays

What are the secrets to finding discounts and special offers at luxury hotels? When’s the perfect time to make a reservation and get a better deal than your roommate? How can you find a flight for half price?

For this special show, Julien Courbet’s teams travel to Crete (Greece) to accompany a French couple on a trip. They reveal budget-friendly travel tips that can benefit you too.

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A well kept secret

To save money without giving up adventure and paradisiacal beaches, the Capital invests in underrated destinations, such as Albania. Between Greece, Montenegro and Croatia, this small country is gaining popularity among travelers. Its beaches, its untouched nature, its rich cultural heritage, but above all its extremely attractive prices delight opportunistic tourists.

Follow tourism professionals as they search across the country to find and negotiate deals on cheap hotels, ideally located with sea views. Get ready to discover how your dream vacation can become a reality at an affordable price. Catch Capital on Sunday 2nd July at 9.10pm on the M6. The program will be available in replay on 6play.fr.

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