Wine tourism, a growing trend on Airbnb

With the start of the grape harvest season in France, Airbnb reveals new data that provides information about the growth of wine tourism in the region. According to internal data, more than one million and five hundred thousand travelers (1) have stayed in Airbnb Wineries accommodations in France since its launch last year. The average income of a Vineyard host in France is over €4,100 (two).

The 10 French destinations that received the most visitors (3) Airbnb thanks to the Vineyards category are:

  1. Thonon-les-Bains, Haute-Savoie.
    An ideal base for discovering Savoyard wines such as Comtés Rhodaniens or Allobroges.
  2. Saint-Florent, Upper Corsica.
    A charming and authentic village on Ilha da Beleza located close to the famous Patrimonio vineyards.
  3. Talence, Gironde
    A destination on the doorstep of Bordeaux’s greatest wines.
  4. Bergerac, Dordogne.
    Vineyard neighboring the wines of Bordeaux, the Bergerac wine region offers a magnificent wine route and several routes that will delight wine enthusiasts and wine tourism lovers.
  5. ÉPERNAY, Marne.
    Located in the heart of a wine region with 35,000 hectares of vineyards, the city is home to renowned Champagne Houses, almost all of them located on the famous Avenue de Champagne.
  6. Orange, Vaucluse.
    With 320 wine estate owners spread across the 5 communes of the Pays d’Orange, including the famous Châteauneuf-du-Pape, the region has something to attract wine tourism enthusiasts.
  7. Beaune, Côte-d’Or.
    Beaune is the perfect stop to learn more and taste the world-famous wines of Burgundy
  8. Carpentras, Vaucluse
    Gastronomy and wine tourism are present in Provence. Situated on the wine route south of Mont Ventoux, the town and its surroundings allow you to discover the wide range of Vaucluse wines.
  9. Le Bouscat, Gironde
    A large French wine commune, Le Bouscat allows you to discover the diversity of Bordeaux wines.
  10. Chinon, Indre-et-Loire.
    Heading to a vineyard in the Loire and more precisely in the Touraine wine region. On 2,300 hectares, grape varieties such as the famous Cabernet Sauvignon delight the palate of wine lovers.

Sleeping as close to the vineyards as possible, an affordable luxury

Since Airbnb launched the Vineyards category in May 2022, the number of listings in this category in France has increased by almost 15 %, to reach more than 17,000 accommodations (4).

These retreats in the heart of the French vineyards are accessible to all budgets: the average cost of a stay in the vineyard category in France is around €115 per night. (5). Although reservations for stays in accommodation in this category include an average of three people (6)a stay can cost an average of €38 per person, per night.

Airbnb data also reveals that traveling duos are the ones who benefit most from these getaways closer to the vineyards, as they represent 45 % (7) reservations, followed by individual travelers (25%), groups of 3 travelers or more (20%) and finally families (10%) (8). Furthermore, the majority of travelers (almost 80% (9)) who choose to discover local wine regions with the Airbnb Wineries category are between the ages of 25 and 59.

Why simply spend the day at a winery when you can stay there and experience authentic moments in the heart of these exceptional places? ? Vineyards are an integral part of French cultural heritage and, like our guests, they open doors to the heart of a destination, offering knowledge preserved from generation to generation.declares Bertrand Burdet, deputy director of Airbnb France.

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