Their flight is caught in violent turbulence, two passengers become friends and their story goes viral

Their flight experiences severe turbulence, two passengers become friends and their story goes viral. By Daniel | Adobe Stock

When their plane was caught in such turbulence For more than an hour, two passengers on a United Airlines flight had no choice but to come together to support each other.

The video of their curious exchange, posted on TikTokIt quickly went viral and currently exceeds one and a half million views.

Nervous, the two passengers manage the “worst” turbulence of their lives in their own way.

The story of Lila Smith and Sabrina, two young Americans, takes place aboard a United Airlines plane, on a flight from Newark, New Jersey, to Greenville, South Carolina, on Tuesday, November 21.

Sitting at the back of the plane, in a row of just two seats, the two women cling to each other as the plane is shaken in all directions. The tremors, which lasted more than an hour, encouraged the two passengers to calm down.

In the columns ofInsiderLila Smith, 21, says they were the “ worse » turmoil she experienced. And although she was nervous, it didn’t take long for her to realize that her seatmate was much more nervous.

From that moment on, we were arm in arm, planning our survival in case of an accident. », describes Lila.


my new friend/seatmate Sabrina and I saw God on our United flight, but luckily Jack Daniel’s helped us

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A unique encounter that fascinates internet users

In the video she posts on TikTok, she asks her partner: “ Don’t you know how to swim? », who replies no, and that in any case, she will pretend to be a pregnant woman to be rescued first.

The girls laugh at this, their way of forgetting that the plane is going through uncontrollable bumps. The two women even ask one flight attendant if you have ever experienced such violent turbulence. She answered: ” I’ve experienced this before. I’ve had worse “.

The flight will arrive at its destination and the girls will not fail to highlight the positive attitude of the United Airlines flight attendants: “ Seeing how calm and friendly they were made us feel better “.

The two women, however, will not maintain contact, claiming that there are meetings that must remain unique. However, it is not excluded that they will see each other again, as Lila says: “ Maybe we’ll see you in the last row on the flight back! “.

On the TikTok side, more than 311,000 internet users enjoyed this meeting “ worthy of a series “. “ I thought you were friends “,” Why do I never meet people like this? “,” I like it when humans are humans “, we read among the 1,300 comments.

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