The international tourism fair becomes Travel and Outdoor

The Nantes and Rennes Tourism Fairs are being renovated to adopt a new name and a new image that reflects current trends in the travel and leisure sector.

These events, organized by the independent agency Morbihan SAFYM, are well-established meetings for residents of the great west. With approximately 20,000 visitors and more than 200 local, national and international exhibitors each yearare considered some of the most important fairs in the tourism In France.

Arnaud Métivierdirector of SAFYM, explains that “the term tourism takes on a technical character and appears more and more in people’s minds as a consumption that is too reducing for a region or a country”.

It is to remedy this that we move towards the new trends that the event is becoming Travel and outdoor activities. This development marks the growing interest of tourists and locals in authenticity, nature, ethic autonomy (camping, vans, motorhomes), and physical activity (hiking, trekking, cycling, rowing, kayaking). These aspirations affect several generations and must therefore be expressed in a broader way to correspond to the widest possible audience.

The fairs of Nantes and Rennes will continue to present travel agencies, various destinations, leisure and animal parks and accommodation, also integrating some new features such as recreational vehicles, vehicle equipment (roof tents, interior kits) and equipment for hiking and camping.

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