Thanks to this simple object placed behind your radiator, you can save money

Discover a little-known tip that can help you save some money, while warming up your interior more.

With the inflationary context, reducing energy bills has become a priority for many French people, many of whom are no longer able to survive.

So all means are good to do savings Here and there. For example, some households do not hesitate to turn off the heating to avoid the bill being too high at the end of the month. A technique that is as radical as it is dangerous because it has health consequences.

This object will save you money if you place it behind the radiator

Rooms that are not heated enough can become inhospitable and cause certain respiratory diseases, such as chronic bronchitis, for example.

We must therefore avoid at all costs cutting the heating. However, you can reduce it to limit the damage to your bill while continuing to heat. There is even a little-known tip that can allow you to store more heat and have a good temperature environment, without increasing the power of your radiator. For this you need aluminum. In fact, aluminum is known for retaining heat.

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You’ve probably used aluminum foil to wrap your hot dishes, to preserve the heat of the food. Well, imagine you could apply this principle to your radiators too, allowing them to heat up more without running them full blast. To do this, nothing could be simpler, just staple an aluminum foil to a piece of cardboard and place it a few centimeters behind the radiator.

Will the foil then reflect the heat and radiate it to the rest of the room? There is no need to use full power, which will save money.

However, be careful and take care not to obstruct the hot air outlet from the radiators.

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