Star Clipper, Star Flyer and Royal Clipper, 3 sailboats for a journey beyond your dream

The company Star Clippers, which has just celebrated its 30th anniversary, is radically changing the apprehensions about cruises. The 3 sailboats, decidedly ecological, allow visitors to really “set sail”.

Meeting with Eliana Bouvet Sales and Marketing Manager of the company Star cutters.

Infotravel: At a time when cruises, considered not very ecological, are causing controversy, is your company doing well?


Eliana Bouvet: For over 30 years our three sailboats Star Cutter, Star Flyer and Royal Clipper cross the seas of the Mediterranean, the Caribbean and Central America. These two twin ships welcome in their 83 cabins those who are passionate about the tradition and charm of the legendary era of sailing. We didn’t wait for ecological awareness to adapt, as it has been in our DNA since day one. Our sailboats operate between 70% and 80% no CO2 emissions.Our largest five-masted sailing vessel is in Guinness World Records since 2001 for its 42 sails, that is, 5,000 M2 of sails

Infotravel: Which is better for your customers compared to classic cruises?

Eliana Bouvet: We are almost the only cruise company that offers only sailing boats. This is first of all the charm of navigating in slow tourism, between 9 and 12 knots, while other motor cruise boats are between 15 and 20 knots. Other great advantages, with our human-scale boats, by following the coast, the visitor sees more things, there is no need for cruise terminals, the stops are easier and more pleasant to experience.
A sailing cruise allows for a traditional experience that combines modern luxury and comfort with old-world charm. Without forgetting a great connection with the elements and the sea.


Infotravel: Who are your customers?

Eliana Bouvet: If generally when we talk about cruises we think about elderly customers, this is not the case with our sailboats. We do not have elevators on our boats, which requires a certain amount of mobility, which is why our clientele is younger, more international and cosmopolitan, which facilitates exchanges around the same passion, sailing. We also have some individual travelers who come to recharge their batteries at the rhythm of the trade winds. Families with children are also welcome, the youngest ones see a pirate ship crossing the seas while marveling at the great maneuvers, raising the sails, approaching the port, etc. I would add that our themed cruises are particularly popular, such as yoga and wellness. Finally, the cuisine is worthy of great restaurants. our chefs are keen to ensure that both the catering and service reflect the image of the “magical” cruise.


Star cutters

Charming stopovers in private ports
Because they are smaller, sailboats can easily access exceptional, tighter and secondary ports, which opens the door to several destinations little explored in the cruise sector. It is also an opportunity to enjoy visits to sumptuous and secret bays in a preserved marine environment.

Escape on the date
Make way for the dream! This type of cruise allows you to be as close as possible to nature with a completely different spirit than more classic cruises and rediscover the world in another way. Sailing aboard a sailboat recalls the authentic beauty of sailing in the past. Enjoy the sound of the sails in the sea wind, the snapping of the ropes on the masts, the possibility of visiting small paradisiacal islands, the sunset on the bow of the ship, the sound of the waves hitting the hull, absolutely everything invites you daydream.

Small capacity ships
Star Clippers has a fleet of three sailboats. The Star Flyer and Star Clipper (4-masted vessels) have a capacity for 166 passengers, while the Royal Clipper (5-masts) can accommodate up to 227 passengers. Each ship has a solarium on large teak decks, 2 or 3 swimming pools, an outdoor bar, a piano bar, a spa only on board the Royal Clipper, a dining room and water sports equipment available to customers.

Its size allows it to dock in small and confidential ports, where large units cannot stop.

A combination of chic style and contemporary comfort

Star Cutter
Star Cutter

Serve with elegance and refinement. All cabins are comfortably furnished and decorated with noble materials such as copper, teak and mahogany and have sea views (with the exception of some interior cabins)

The interior of the sailboats immerses its passengers in a refined atmosphere whose luxury radiates through its classicism. Excellent navy blue rugs with gold patterns combine with built-in furniture, white walls and bright chandeliers. Sailboats reflect pride in the golden age of sailing.

A friendly atmosphere
Life on board is relaxing, like a private yacht. The sailboat is a sincere and warm tradition and values. An attentive and personalized service as well as a limited number of people on board promote well-being and relaxation while allowing conviviality and sharing between passengers and with the Captain, officers and crew.

4/ Itineraries 2024 – 2025?

Our destinations 2023-2025:

Winter :

The Caribbean of St. Martin and Barbados.

The Panama Canal from Balboa and Barbados.

Costa Rica and Panama from Puerto Caldera.

Spring / summer:

The Mediterranean of Rome, Venice, Cannes, Athens, Malaga, Malta and Lisbon.

Without forgetting the Great Transatlantic Crossings!

In the winter of 2023-2024 and 2024-2025, explore the wild beauty of Costa Rica aboard the Star Clipper or explore the Caribbean aboard the Star Flyer or Royal Clipper.

In the summer of 2024, discover the picturesque ports of the Western and Eastern Mediterranean.

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