Arisen Force: Vonimir, an A-RPG with Octopath Traveler style

Youyuan has announced Arisen Force: Vonimir, its next action RPG. The game is expected to be released in 2024 and released on the Nintendo Switch.

Arisen Force: Vonimir appears to be taking inspiration from the HD-2D games we’ve seen in recent years, with flagship games Octopath Traveler. The team claims that their project “combines immersive RPG adventure story with elegant action combat experience.” »

The studio opened a page Kickstarter to help finance the end of the project. He wants to raise about $15,000. To convince us, he published a demo on the page Steam Game.

Arisen Force: Vonimir is an A-RPG game with high definition pixels. It combines a thrilling RPG adventure storyline with a stylized action combat experience. We’ve created a beautiful Middle-earth world that players can explore, recruit teammates, collect and expand businesses, challenge enemies, reveal the world’s secrets, guide the future, and forge their own legends.

main features

  • A beautiful fantasy world that players can explore, develop and have other interesting experiences.
  • Exquisite HD pixel style and hand-painted ingenuity; Discover a picturesque artistic style.
  • From isolated villages to magnificent castles, from desolate deserts to polar ice caps, enjoy vast and varied landscapes.
  • In a chaotic world, interact with all the forces present and write your own epic chapter.
  • Smooth strategic combat with rich skill modules and the ability to instantly change teammates at any time,
  • When challenging the world boss, the final path will always be left to the warriors.
  • More than eight unique types of weapon mods; they will continue to be enriched with further development.
  • A free weapon and skill kit system; You can be a wizard wielding a giant sword or a hunter attacking the enemy, it’s interesting and powerful.
  • Rescue and recruit teammates, equip them with unique equipment and abilities for your unique strengths.
  • In addition to the adventure, there are taverns, blacksmithing, commerce and other activities to enrich the trip.
  • Based on the world’s perspectives, we add related characters that make the journey more interesting and full of surprises.

Arising Force

Arising Force

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