Travel Tattler by Michael Patrick Shiels gives travel advice

Selfies in front of the Eiffel Tower document your list of travel achievements, but the moment most likely to cross your mind is when you clink glasses of Pouilly-Fusse with a Parisian playing the accordion in the cozy, dark historic cabaret Lapin Agile.

This is an authentic memory of France.

The Italian “dolce vita” can be found in its fountains, museums and trattorias, but sharpen your senses even further by listening carefully and looking into the eyes of a local, as I did with Venetian guide Giulia De Carolis. I asked her, as our water taxi glided along the Grand Canal, if she considered Venice the most romantic city in the world.

“I think if you’re a romantic person, anywhere is romantic,” replied Giulia, a brown-eyed Bella Donna.

I may only meet occasionally and in passing with a friendly Egyptian known as “Prince Ali,” a beloved bald bartender at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, but our brief and extremely chill collaborations with Heineken have resulted in true enlightenment.

And the woman who, on the Day of the Dead, told her life-changing “flip or tail” parable while sipping a margarita in Mazatlán, Mexico, forever altered my philosophy of life: it’s not always life or death .

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