examination of travel expenses by the ethics committee

On an official visit to Polynesia and New Caledonia, from October 16th to 21st, Anne Hidalgo created controversy within the LR opposition, by extending her stay until November 6th.

At the mayor’s request, the nine wise men of the Paris City Commission met to examine the expense reports for their trip to New Caledonia and Polynesia. If the trip did not represent a problem in itself, it was its length that generated controversy.

The Paris council will meet next Tuesday, for the first time since Anne Hidalgo’s return after her controversial trip to Tahiti. The municipal opposition led by Rachida Dati intends to hold the mayor of Paris responsible for her long journey under the coconut trees.

Anne Hidalgo will propose that from now on all trips by Parisian elected officials be made public and can be the subject of a declaration to the ethics officer. But the Parisian right is talking about an attempted diversion and will demand the publication of all expense reports for this trip to the Pacific.

A trip that cost 59,500 euros

The Paris City Council has already given some explanations this week: indicating thatAna Hidalgo left with a delegation of five other people. Two elected directors and three employees, including the director and the head of his office.

Together they went first to New Caledonia, in particular to visit the cemetery where the Communards were buried after being deported to Pine Island. Then travel to a place of memory partially maintained by the city of Paris.

The delegation then went to Papeete, where it was received by the President of Polynesia. But she was unable to visit the Olympic venues as planned because there were tensions with her opponents that day. Ultimately, it was the deputy mayor for sports who made the visit the next day.

The trip cost 59,500 euros for a total of 40,900 euros for plane tickets in economy class and 18,545 euros for hotels and restaurants.

Anne Hidalgo extends her trip to Tahiti: shocking? – 03/11

Paris City Council press release does not reveal everything

The press release specifies that at the end of the trip, Anne Hidalgo remained there for private reasons.

He doesn’t say that the mayor of Paris stayed in Polynesia for two more weeks to visit his daughter who has just moved there. That’s why the mayor of Paris paid for the return ticket out of her own pocket.

During the entire trip, the city hall did not communicate. Le Monde reports that Anne Hidalgo published just one message on social media, a photo of the banks of the Seine with a comment about the weather in Paris: “good weather for cycling,” she wrote. In fact, at that time she was in Noumea.

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