The ‘tricked destinations’ to travel cheaper

According to the most popular destinations on the Expedia platform, these are often well-known cities, but whose popularity is undermined by the aura of an important destination, often geographically close, considered essential when visiting the country in question.

Memphis is the “idiot” of the country music capital of the world, nashville. Likewise, a trip to Australia wouldn’t be complete without a detour to Sydney.

But Perth’s location on the west coast offers it a substitute role.

Its skyscrapers and construction on the banks of the Swan River recall the atmosphere of the emblematic Australian city. Searches for a trip to Perth increased by 109%.

Duplicate destinations may also concern city ​​vacation. We know how much a weekend costs London It can cost an arm and a leg. Why not try a getaway to the northwest coast of England, Liverpool (+97%)? According to Expedia, 48% of French people have already booked a trip to these destinations considered alternative.

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