See how to make your suitcase and your trip a success!

Here are some tips from seasoned travelers and space optimization enthusiasts to properly prepare your suitcase for a trip.

Gathering your belongings worries you more than catching a plane? Does choosing between all your favorite outfits seem insurmountable? Hopefully, with the inspiration from this video, you can learn how to make all your stuff follow you to the ends of the earth.

See how to pack your suitcase with – Via YouTube.

Other little practical tips and tricks before you go.

Choosing a suitcase:
There Eminent medium suitcase rigid or semi-rigid allows you to better protect your objects. Whether at the airport or hotel, your luggage is sometimes transported roughly or stacked on top of each other, so it is advisable to have it rigid or semi-rigid to protect its contents.

Valuable Items:
It is preferable that valuable items such as computers, tablets, camera, passport and money accompany you in the cabin as hand luggage. No matter how much security you have placed on your suitcase, it is easy to open. Therefore, it is not superfluous to take precautions. Please note that if you are going to the USA, your suitcase must be able to be easily opened by authorities. You must therefore equip it with a TSA padlock, easily recognizable by the authorities who will or will not open your suitcase without damaging it.

No negligence
Even for a quick coffee, never leave your bag unattended in a public place. Nowadays, the best thing to do is to always have your suitcase by your side, always in sight.


Finally, what to do if your suitcase is lost?
As the Ministry of Economy highlights on its website, “if the carrier admits the loss of your checked baggage or if your baggage does not reach its destination within 21 days from the date it should have arrived, it is considered lost. You will then be able to obtain compensation up to a maximum limit of approximately €1,200 per passenger.

Thus, two international texts determine the maximum period within which you can make your complaint: the Warsaw Convention and the Montreal Convention.

A 14-day period applies in the case of the Montreal Convention;
A period of 21 days applies in the case of the Warsaw Convention;
“Information about the agreement applicable to your flight is indicated on your plane ticket”, adds the Ministry. If not, contact the airline to find out.

Other points to check before leaving on your trip to avoid unpleasant surprises

The expiration date of your identity card or passport

Authorization from your bank to use your payment card abroad

The presence of identification tags on your luggage

Are your vaccinations up to date?

Finally, the presence on your smartphone of useful applications: translator, exchange rates, maps (Google Maps with destination area download valid offline), all these small details combined will guarantee a GOOD TRIP!

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