Holiday Gift Guide 2024: Evocative Scents for Travelers

Whether it’s the scent of rich oud or the scent of sweet jasmine, the fragrance can instantly transport us to our favorite places, bringing back precious memories of distant lands. The following fragrances are rooted in far-flung destinations and have been inspired by the world of travel – creating perfect gift ideas for ‘wanderlusters’ everywhere.

E: Måd

Ideal for those who are passionate about the planet, It is fragrances offer an antidote to mass-produced scents. Launched by perfumer Simon Constantine, who has created perfumes for Lush for over a decade, it is an ethical and ecological company, which reuses plastic waste in the creation of its bottles, and which also supports local communities who work to harvest natural ingredients. . Bursting with notes of vanilla, Måd will transport you to Madagasgar, where the brand supplies fine vanilla, as well as ylang, vetiver, violet and jasmine oil. It is described as “an ecosystem in a bottle; a hug from mother nature.”

From £69 for 50ml Eau de Toilette,

Jo Malone London: English Pear and Freesia Special Edition

Jo Malone LondonThe classic English-inspired perfume is available in a special edition, candy cane striped bottle for the festive season. One spritz of this and they’ll be reminded of idyllic orchards where the golden sun warms ripe pears. White freesia, rose and patchouli add to the fruity floral notes to take you on a walk through the English countryside.

£124, 100ml Cologne,

Santa Maria Novela: Gelsomino

One of the most historic perfume brands in the world, Santa Maria Novella It is steeped in an ancient heritage. The original Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella in Florence dates back to 1221 and is considered the oldest pharmacy in the world. Founded as a convent of Dominican friars, its apothecary was known for its perfume and medicine formulations. New to the brand are four new artisanal aromas found in I Giardini Medicei collection. Gelsomino perfume draws on jasmine to bring to life the story of Cosimo III de’ Medici and his love for a unique jasmine flower, which came from Goa in 1688. More similar to a small rose than a classic jasmine, Granduca Cosimo III had a special greenhouse built for him and banned its cultivation throughout the kingdom. Only their trusted botanists could perpetuate the variety in the secret greenhouse – known as ‘Stufa dei Mugherini’ – the hot greenhouse made for the Goan jasmines at Villa Medicea di Castello, which still enchants us today.

£160.00, 50ml Eau de Parfum,

Subject: Oh my God!

Inspired by bohemian Paris in the 1960s, The Object Oh my God! The perfume is bold and fun and is a fragrance inspired by the sexual revolution. Top notes of cognac, caramel, coriander and pimiento are blended with a heart of rose, jasmine and plum with leather and oakmoss as a base. The classic bell-shaped bottle in black glass references the pharmaceutical aromas of yesteryear.

£135, 50ml Eau de Parfum,

Stories: Parfums Nº.01

Inspired by the fig trees, intoxicating jasmine and ocean breezes of the French Riviera, Stories No.01 is an uplifting and sensual fragrance, based on earthy vetiver and sensual amber. The brand was born in Northern Ireland and is the first luxury niche perfume house in the region. Stories’ fragrances also reference the rugged North Down coast and combine woodsy, green and evocative scents of the forest, and floral and herbaceous scents of hedgerows and meadows.

£150, 100ml Eau de Parfum,

Granado: Nostalgia Diffuser and Liquid Soap Set

Ideal for land travelers who are staying home for a while, this gift set from the iconic Brazilian company garnet–which comes in a beautiful vintage-style box printed with tropical plants and birds–encapsulates the essences of the exotic notes of the Brazilian perfume. The diffuser will beautifully perfume your home, while the soft scent of the soap lingers in your hands. Citrus and spicy top notes give way to white and pink flowers. It’s like a holiday in a bottle.


Electimuss London: Vanilla Edesia

Transporting you to exotic lands, the new fragrance from the artisanal perfume brand Electimuss London was created by master perfumer Cécile Zarokian. It has gourmand and woody details with very high inclusion – in other words, a single spray goes a long way. Vanilla, sandalwood, cinnamon and frankincense oil is bled with ylang ylang and Rose de Mai, which is a very rare oil harvested and processed in Grasse to protect its unique olfactory profile. The perfume is inspired by the Roman Goddess of parties and celebrations of extravagance, making it ideal for the festive season.

£295, 100ml pure perfume,

Francisco Kurkdjian House: Red Baccarat 540 Mixed hair

The iconic Red Baccarat 540 perfume by Casa Francisco Kurkdjian has been expanded to include a line of bath and body products. Hair Mist is the perfect gift for those who don’t like being ‘overpowered’ by a fragrance. Spray on hair and gently refresh with floral, amber and woody notes of Baccarat Rouge 540. Great for when you’re on the road.

£75, 70ml,

Sabon: Jasmine Perfumery Set

Based around SoapScented with Jasmine Water, this tin gift set is perfect for travelers and comes with Eau de Parfum (80ml), Hair Mist and Perfumed Bracelet. The products are based on Jasmine Absolute to evoke memories of the fragrance fields of France.


Officine Universelle Buly: Maltese iris

New from the French beauty brand Buly Universal Office There are four Eau Triple aromas, based on olfactory senses from around the world. Water-based perfumes ensure that the aqueous solution does not stain, dry out or unbalance the skin, making the perfume more intense. The lineup includes Myrrh from Eritrea; Amber from Madagascar; Lebanese cedar and Maltese iris. This latest scent is a blend of lemongrass, orange blossom and patchouli combined with iris for a trip to Malta’s verdant landscape.

£143, 75ml Triple Water,

Sol de Janeiro: Scented Travel Perfume Set

From the Brazilian beauty brand, Sun of Januarytea Cheirosa travel perfume set is a collection of four fragrance mists that double as hair perfume and body spray. Included are: Cheirosa 62 – a warm gourmand with notes of pistachio, salted caramel and vanilla; Cheirosa 68 – a fruity floral with vibrant notes of Brazilian jasmine, dragon fruit and oceanic air; Cheirosa 40 – a warm floral with notes of amber black plum, vanilla woods and musk and Rio Radiance – a ‘solar’ floral with nostalgic notes of tuberose, coconut milk and warm sand.


Valmont: happiness from the sea

For ocean lovers everywhere, valmontAquatic floral scents evoke sunny days spent on coastal shores. Taken from Palazzo Nobile’s collection of subtle aromas, it has fresh notes of sea salt and delicate florals wrapped in the softness of musk. It’s the ultimate summer spritz from this luxurious Swiss skincare brand.

£136, 100ml Eau de Toilette,

Marley Perfumes: Delina Gift Set

Marly Perfumes, the Parisian haute perfumery of perfumer Julien Sprecher, has launched a festive collection of fragrances in collaboration with French artist Matthieu Forichon. Inspired by the FrenchArt of Living’, Delina–the quintessence of French feminine chic–is based on the Damascus rose. The set includes 75ml and 30ml versions of the perfume – perfect for when on the go.


Raw Material: Parisian Musk

Aurélien Guichard launched the Feedstock perfume house in 2019 with two partners, Caius von Knorring and Cédric Meiffret. The perfumery offers high quality fragrances, all composed by Aurélien around a central raw material of exceptional quality, with a high concentration of Absolute. Aurélien is the only perfumer in the world to own, plant, grow, harvest and use his own ingredients in his own brand fragrances. Parisian musk is inspired by the Parisian neighborhood of Saint Germain. The musky and woody notes, coming from ambrette seeds, are reminiscent of the cedars found in the region.

€145, Eau de Parfum 50ml,

Thameen London: bohemian infusion

Delving into the stories of the Piazza at Covent Garden in the 19th and early 20th centuries, when it was a playground for decadent pleasures, Bohemian Infusion is the second fragrance in Thameen Londonfrom the Britologne Collection, under the ‘artistic residency’ of Christopher Chong. The artist collaborated with master perfumer Maurice Roucel and award-winning senior perfumer Alexandra Carlin to encapsulate the world of shadow and light, and the result is a fragrance that is bright and vigorous, yet dark and mysterious.

£250, 100ml Elexir Cologne,

Side Story: Road Trip

Founded by Muj Rana, side story It was born from a fascination with perfume and memory. The brand presents the notion that when you pass someone in the hallway and catch a whiff of their fragrance, you have a window into their story. Each bottle of Side Story begins in Grasse, Provence, and is produced by master perfumer Jacques Chabert together with a network of independent artisans and artisans. Trip is an amber, spicy and woody fragrance that tells the story of escape and dreams. It’s the olfactory equivalent of feeling the earth beneath your feet and the wind in your hair – just the gift for anyone who dreams of hitting the road again.

£160, 100ml perfume,

Roads: Clube Tokyo

Born in Dublin, Ireland, the Roads Asia collection of aromas navigates the continent, delving into aspects of contemporary culture in different locations. Playful and energetic, Toyko Club exudes confidence, charisma and creative enthusiasm unique to Tokyo. It combines angelica seed, Asian pear, jasmine petals, honeysuckle and a base of amber and vetiver.

£120, 50ml perfume,

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