Yacht, Lamborghini, luxury hotel… Castres’ drug lords lived a good life in Dubai

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Five young people from Castres, originally from drug trafficking, were sentenced to prison. The clients spent lavishly in Dubai before they were arrested, renting a yacht and two Lamborghinis.

Six months of investigation by the urban security police of Castres (Tarn) and a crackdown put an end to significant drug trafficking (cocaine and cannabis) in the heart of the sub-prefecture of Tarn. It was the end of November 2022. The web that closed was woven by five young Castres, aged 18 to 20, who worked in the neighborhoods of Aillot in Laden, from Siala to Martinet, and even in the communes of Saïx, Brassac and Labruguière , in Tarn

This Tuesday, in the courtroom, three defendants, in pre-trial detention, appeared under guard; two others placed under judicial supervision appeared free. The five had to answer for identical facts: transportation, possession, offer or transfer, acquisition of drugs, between the beginning of November 2021 and the end of November 2022.

Amphetamines and cell phones

To understand the organization of this well-oiled network, President Sandrine Lalande detailed the role of each individual, also relying on the numerous listening sessions to which young people were subjected.

As part of a search carried out in a house in Labruguière (Tarn), in November 2021, amphetamines and cell phones were discovered.

A line will be analyzed and will bring information, names involved in the cases, including a certain “Pietro”. This phone reveals collective SMS messages, at noon, to around thirty customers, with the only message: “Available”! Messages that result in drug transactions.

Because the investigation reveals that another line works in the same way, with the collective message “RS”! The two lines are connected, each has a support but are used by several people. Pietro and RS are identified, the wiretaps confirm: two boss friends, same profile, same criminal past. They get their supplies in Toulouse, they don’t report the boss! They give instructions to three younger delivery men: “Angel Face,” his nickname; a confident colleague at the helm and a “newbie” who took care of his own boat. At the bar, facts are recognized.

“Make us dream, Madam President! »

Except his lifestyle is challenging. According to his statements, the business globally generated between 600 and 1,000 euros per month for each person. The investigation and searches (packages of money here, scales there, cut products there) will show that the loot was much larger, sometimes in the order of €1,600 per day!

“Make us dream, Madam President”, says prosecutor Claire-Marie de Agostini, before revealing the lifestyle of the two bosses, who left for a trip to Dubai in October 2022. There, they did not deprive themselves of anything : rental of a yacht, two Lamborghini vehicles, an apartment hotel with 4 bedrooms (€6,000 per night). Together? “There were ten of us, we don’t know the names, we shared it, it wasn’t very expensive. »

In this case, 11 consumers were listed and questioned. The most diligent in transactions (it is said that he spent 10 thousand euros in one year!) summarized his thoughts: “The boss and his friend are making money, the other three are slaves! » A well-thought-out commercial system for young people who face 10 to 20 years in prison, recalled the Public Ministry. “It’s true that it’s painful to get up to go to work! In any organization there needs to be a hierarchy, this is the case. An organization that does not forget to support the customer, with illegal products! A network capable of supplying itself every day. Today, we are lying through our teeth about what this produced. If we do the calculation, over the course of a year of prevention, daily, we have 292 thousand euros which corresponds to the lifestyle of these young people. »

So what punishment? Knowing that some defendants have already appeared in juvenile court. The Public Ministry asks for 18 months in prison, 12 of which are accompanied by probation for the “newcomer”; 36 months, 12 of which are suspended for other couriers; As for employers, 5 years are required, including one year of probation and continued detention. For the five too, a fine of between €1,000 and €6,000, “just for picking up the wallet”.

The five pieces won’t change the situation much: 24 months instead of 36 for two delivery men, 4 years instead of 5 for Pietro and RS! Everyone will also have to open their wallets.

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