The physical travel agency, or how to keep your promises

Support is a form of care

HE HAS the moment they enter the agency’s door, the individual suddenly finds themselves transformed into a client. And being a customer of a travel agency means, above all, being protected, calm before even taking on the appearance of having a license? However, everyone knows how difficult it is to contact companies or make effective complaints online. If we ship to another part of the world, we have to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. Once you count on this, the agency will take full responsibility. This is probably the fundamental difference between a physical travel agency and its Internet equivalent. In both cases, the serenity of a beautiful trip is promised, but we cannot ignore the possibility of dangers. A simple loss of luggage may require support from the organizer and it is good to know who to contact. However, everyone knows how difficult it is to contact professionals or make effective complaints via the Internet…

Even better: the possibility of getting to know your travel agent opens up many facilities, because he is used to dealing with things that are not within his competence, obeying very specific legal restrictions and regulations in favor of his clients. For what ? Because we do not leave a human being before us in uncertainty or anguish. What is true for seniors also applies to everyone. Not everyone has the possibility to make their reservation online and, above all, not everyone wants to! In addition to the IT prerequisite, there is the desire for contact, conversation and advice. Before we go looking for humanity on the other side of the world, we can rightly demand their presence from the beginning of our journey. Question of consistency.

The science of dreams

Adriana Minchella, president of the agency network CedivViagensis fully aware of this: “ The client rarely says, “I want to go here,” but rather, “Where are you taking me this year?””. Consequence: it is important to know both the traveler and the product we offer. That’s where confidence comes from and that’s also how it stays. Every year, he wants to take “the trip of a lifetime”, which may seem paradoxical, but, after all, dreams have their own logic! It is therefore important to know what he has already done, who will date him, what each person’s tastes and skills are, for what period and with what budget. This is compositional work that artificial intelligence can only simulate. This is because there are the client’s statements, but there is also a whole sharing of desires, more or less formulated, and which only come true under the effect of suggestion.

It’s not easy to make people dream without causing frustration. “, says Adriana, “ Making people dream is a science! “. With his sense of psychology, pedagogy and adaptation, only the travel agent can promote a route or a destination, without using budgetary or technical elements. “ We are, above all, traders of happiness. First we make people dream, then we accompany them on a journey to reality… which they tell us about “. Dreaming is not lying. On the contrary. It is nurturing something vital in the interlocutor. Hence the need to control your state of mind. “ When they go on a trip, they are often fed up with everyday life, they want to fill themselves with new air. Kilimanjaro, for example, is a great objective, but it only makes sense for those who have prepared it in their minds. It is up to us to feel this and report accordingly “.

Renew your proposals to embrace all the contours of your desires

Adriana’s agency is now forty years old. There are clients that she has known since the beginning, that she knows perfectly. And knowing who you’re dealing with is a great asset, even if it’s not about resting on your certainty or your laurels. “ Last week, we were in a Costa Cruzeiro operation. We brought travel agents there so they knew everything about the product. But we also took customers, so we could measure, as accurately as possible, the impact of this experience “. She details the operation for us. Accompanied by passengers accustomed to Le Ponant, luxury cruises on small boats, she was able to verify the merit of her approach. A clientele accustomed to luxury will find satisfaction on a Costa boat when it comes to making a “ tribe trip.” Producer, supplier, agency head… everyone worked together to combine quality and conviviality. Enough to make you dream differently, for a lower price, but without giving up comfort or celebration. Agencies belonging to the network CedivViagens everyone shares this concept of travel: a dream destined to come true, an intimate affair that is collectively composed.

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