Set-jetting: What’s this new travel trend that’s likely to guide your choice of destinations this year?

It’s official: the sources of inspiration when you want to travel have changed. If in recent years the whole world was glued to Instagram to find trendy places to go (to take the same photo as everyone else), things have changed. Anyway, that’s what Horizons 2024 Report from the Expedia group in its press release.

Set-jetting, the trend that goes beyond social networks

By 2023, Expedia predicted that travelers would find inspiration on screens big and small. This trend has been confirmed and does not appear likely to stop in 2024. More than half of French people aged between 18 and 44 say they have researched or booked a trip to a destination after seeing it in a television series or film (51%), and more than a third of them admit that television series and films have even more influence on their travel plans than before (35%). And getting inspired by films or series for the holidays even has a name: set jet.

Photo credit: Panoramic Book a castle in Scotland, like in Outlander!

But what are the shows that make you want to book a flight and book a hotel or rental? Expedia, and Abritel have already analyzed the upcoming series and film releases and identified these destinations that will make pop culture fans travel in 2024: +150% of searches for Romania after the release of “Wednesday”on Netflix, +200% searches for Paris after the release of the last season of“Emily in Paris” or up to +45% searches per Chicago after the first season of “The bear” .

At BIBA we have already tested the trend: in Scotland following Jamie’s footsteps in Outlander (and we took the opportunity to watch some spots from the Harry Potter saga) and last in Chicago for the series The bear, where we fill our stomachs with all the good food places on the show. OUR BIBA Academy it will also be coming soon to our Instagram and TikTok account (spoiler alert).

Dupe Destinations, music tourism… What are the other travel trends highlighted by Expedia Group?

It’s not just the screen that makes us want to travel. One of the other key trends highlighted by the Horizons 2024 report is the the so-called “dupe” destinations. If you’re a beauty junkie, you know the term for to invent and perfumes: we look for idiots, aka perfumes cheaper alternatives, for products from big brands. Well, the phenomenon also exists in the world of travel. We look for a destination with the same spirit as a popular place and find it cheaper or less crowded.

More than a third of French travelers have already booked one of these destinations because less crowded (48%) and most unusual (40%).

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Searches for these destinations increased significantly last year. More than doubled compared to the previous year for the first five destinations in the top 10:

  • Taipei (alternative destination to Seoul): +2,786%
  • Paros (substitute destination for Santorini): +193%
  • Curacao (substitute destination for Saint-Martin): +185%
  • Perth (substitute destination for Sydney): +109%
  • Liverpool (alternative destination to London): 97%
  • Palermo (alternative destination to Lisbon): +89%
  • Quebec (substitute destination for Geneva): + 60%
  • Memphis (substitute destination for Nashville): +16%

Expedia also identified three destinations that saw increasing interest on in 2023:

  • Istria (Dalmatian duo): +171%
  • Bergen (Stockholm idiot): +102%
  • Krakow (Prague idiot): +81%

Another important trend highlighted by this report, the music tourism. In 2023, Ages and Renaissance tours have had an incredible cultural impact, with an explosion in ticket sales as well as tourism. According to Expedia, music tourism has a bright future ahead. 59% of French people surveyed say they would probably go to a concert outside their city and more than 40% say a concert would be a perfect excuse to discover a new destination. The price of concert tickets is another key factor for music tourism: 23% of travelers are willing to travel outside their city to attend a concert because tickets are cheaper elsewhere.

Detox stays, elegant hotels… We book to feel better in 2024!

On the hotel side, demand seems to have evolved. We no longer ask that a hotel simply be well located, but that it offers true comfort and even a lifestyle during your stay. According to the report, travelers are increasingly looking for detox stays. Whether it is the Dry January or Sober October, it is clear that the alcohol-free lifestyle, or the more rational consumption of alcohol, is becoming increasingly widespread. In addition to beverage brands and celebrities launching non-alcoholic products, the travel industry is also catering to travelers by outfitting minibars with non-alcoholic options or offering mocktail-making experiences, like The Merrion Hotel in Ireland, which “distills” its own non-alcoholic gin. or the Wynn Las Vegas offers “Drinking Well”, a non-alcoholic cocktail program developed by the resort’s master mixologist with innovative ingredients such as reishi, hydne hedgehog, ashwagandha and maca.

More than 27% of French travelers indicate they would probably book a detox trip in 2024, and 42% say they are interested in staying in hotels that provide them with non-alcoholic drinks. Among the reasons that lead them to adopt this detox lifestyle on vacation, we find the financial aspect for more than a third (32%) but also the desire to avoid famous people.hangover”Which would not allow you to fully enjoy your vacation.

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O stylish hotels are also at the center of attention of these new trends. Reviews containing the word “ambience” have increased by an average of 1,090% compared to last year and more than 3/4 of French people consider the atmosphere of a hotel to be an important criterion when booking (85%). According to them, the environment is influenced by the level of service and attention given to hotel guests, going beyond the hotel’s music, interior design or lighting.

Go-casions, AI generation and outdoor living, the new rental experiences of 2024

In 2024, the French want to spend more time with their loved ones, family or friends. And we don’t just book a trip for the classic summer or Christmas holidays. The slightest opportunity is good to go out and find yourself again. Celebrating a birthday, a promotion… We call this phenomenon Go-cassion, a clever contraction of the words “go” and “occasion”. Almost 30% of French people believe that going on vacation or a weekend with other people is the best way to celebrate an event and they are equally likely to travel more in 2024. Any excuse will be good for a getaway with your loved ones in a rental on vacation to recharge your batteries, dedicate time to them and celebrate together!

At the top of the unmissable events to celebrate on vacation or at the weekend: a important birthday (35%) and one wedding anniversary (24%). For 18% of them, the prospect of get together to cook and sharing a hearty, healthy meal is enough to motivate an escape. Among the most unexpected opportunities to organize a stay for several people in 2024 are anniversary of a meeting, adopting a pet or even a professional promotion.

Photo credit: Panoramic

Another big trend, just like in the world of beauty and fashion, artificial intelligence is also entering travel trends. This is called AI generation and the principle is simple: we let ourselves be guided by chatgpt to book your vacation program. If, at the moment, the trend has not been widely followed (only 6% of travelers report having used an AI on their vacation in 2023), the phenomenon will grow. In 2024, according to the Expedia Group, the “ generative AI generation » will be more mature and will fully adopt this technology throughout their travel experience. The survey data also reveals that 40% of French people aged between 18 and 34 are interested in using AI to plan their next trip and half find it very useful as a planning tool.

The driving force behind this trend? The ability of generative AI to simplify the scheduling and reservation process through conversation. More than a third of French travelers would use this technology to save time (31%), 28% to find the ideal stay, 25% to plan activities and 23% to compare flight options.

Latest trend revealed by this report: Living abroad. A swimming pool, a beautiful garden, a bubble bath on the terrace or a outdoor kitchen, a vacation rental’s outdoor amenities are popular for stays with family or friends. Almost half of French people consider these facilities to be the most important when booking their flight.
room, well ahead of the rental’s interior equipment (22%). They constitute the essential ingredients to perfect large tables and make better use of the place to share moments of friendship.

Nearly a third of families and groups of friends book a vacation rental with outdoor amenities they don’t have at home so they can enjoy them while on vacation, and 27% say they choose a vacation rental based on outdoor amenities they couldn’t afford or who prefer to test before buying.

The types of outdoor amenities vacationers look for in a vacation rental:

  • Relaxation: hot tub, Finnish spa, Nordic bath
  • By the fire: garden brazier, barbecue or summer kitchen
  • Sport and leisure: swimming pool, lap lane, ping pong table, tennis court, basketball hoop
  • Fresh products: house with direct access to orchard, vegetable garden and even farm animals

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