Peru, ten good reasons to visit this winter

With an area of ​​more than 1,280,000 square kilometers, Peru is a summary of the climate of both hemispheres. Winters in the mountains can be cold and rainy in the Amazon, but warm in the coastal areas, with Mediterranean heat in the north over the Pacific Ocean and Breton heat in the south, with very special wildlife, fascinating sites and many traditions. Discover why there are ten good reasons why Peru should be your ideal destination this winter!

Visiting Lima, much better in winter

In the Peruvian capital, where winter temperatures reach 26°, it’s great to stroll around and discover the incredible architecture of the pre-Inca constructions in Huaca Pucllana and Huaca Huallamarca it’s him truncated pyramidsfrom him churches it’s him convents of the baroque and neoclassical styles, the Chinese district (the largest in South America) and many lively colonial-style neighborhoods. Lima’s cultural life is on par with that of European capitals, with famous museums such as the Larco Herrera MuseumO Gold Museum of Peru where the National Museum of Archeology, Anthropology and History.

Lima, the international capital of gastronomy

It’s no secret that Peruvian cuisine is one of the best in the world, as evidenced by the Central restaurant in Lima, which reached first place in Forbes magazine’s 2023 ranking of the world’s 50 best restaurants. In addition to this gourmet restaurant in Lima, there are hundreds of culinary styles whose fusion will surprise your palate. To convince yourself, you can take advantage of the numerous gastronomic tours organized in the capital, which combine local meetings, tastings and discovering neighborhood life.

Have fun on Peru’s beaches

All names… Piura, Tumbes, Tortugas or Playa Tuquillo, Máncora, Or White Cape, evoke the sweetness of life on the sunny beaches of Peru. Here, at your leisure, you can relax, swim in the Pacific Ocean, meet sea turtles or practice your favorite sport. HE HAS Piurasummer is eternal and you will find some of the most beautiful beaches in Peru, such as Colán, Los Órgãos, Vichayito AND wolvesis for White Cape you will follow in the footsteps of Ernest Hemingway! You won’t forget to taste a delicious seafood ceviche local or enjoy a sour pisco At the sunset.

Catch the wave!

There is an iconic place in Peru that surfers know: the Chicama Beach. This beach, located north of Trujillo, near the port of Malabrigo, has the longest “left” wave in the world, making it a mecca for all surfers. But you don’t need to be a wave expert to surf in Peru, as there are many beaches where you can practice your favorite sport in complete peace of mind.

A day with the sea lions on Isla Palomino

It’s a dream day for all marine life lovers. From Lima you will sail towards the Guanera Islands swim with wild sea lions. You can also admire Humboldt penguins and guano birds. It is an experience that will remain unforgettable for the whole family.

Hiking in the Peruvian desert

Four hours south of Lima, change scenery and immerse yourself in the coastal desert ofAIC. Here you will discover the highest dunes in the world, providing the perfect opportunity to hike in one of the world’s most spectacular landscapes. At sunset, the light becomes softer and you can participate in the small seaside resort of Huacachina enjoy local life and discover the true birthplace of Pisco, unless you want a more romantic evening of candlelight and dinner in the middle of the desert. Make time for a walk in the Paracas Reserve.

Don’t forget to join Cajamarca

Cajamarca, far from the beaten path, is a land of valleys and fertile fields, a meeting point for two worlds and two cultures. It’s nice to stroll around this stunning colonial city, and after tasting theEmollientdetox specialty, you will have the energy to climb to the Santa Apolonia Viewpoint for a stunning view of the city! To reward yourself, dive into “ Banos of the Incas », where the 72° spring water will invigorate you. Then head towards the CumbeMayo natural and archaeological siteat 3,500 meters above sea level in the heart of majestic green hills where you can follow a path in the middle of immense and mysterious rock formations.

Back at 15It is century in Chan Chan

The kingdom Chimuwith Chan-chan for capital, it reached its peak in the 15th centuryIt is century and soon succumbed to Inca power. The most important city in pre-Columbian America, its development reflected a rigorous political and social strategy and was characterized by its division into nine “citadels” or “palaces” forming independent units. Incredible !

To please yourself

With its diverse communities, Peru offers many opportunities to experience celebrations with locals during the winter: Christmas, Carnivals, Fiesta de la Purissima Conceição, Fiesta de la Marinera…Each festival has its own cuisine, dances and customs. Do not hesitate to participate, respecting the beliefs of each community.

Surrender to your passion for chocolate

With UNESCO World Heritage Sites, cocoa and chocolate They are part of Peruvian heritage, and Peru proudly claims to be the author of the hot chocolate recipe with cocoa powder. litter. Come and discover Cuzco O Cuttlefish Museum or closer to us, you can taste Peruvian productions at the Salon du Chocolat in Paris, where 13 Peruvian artisans will present their collections.

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