Here’s the success story of Rimowa, the suitcase everyone’s been reaching for for over a century

SAHARA model, 1984.© Rimowa

An ode to travel

Combining project Timeless and functional, the products developed by Rimowa celebrate an art of traveling thought out down to the smallest detail. Invitation to a meditation on the passage of time and escape from sequences of daily, travel is also subjective, a privileged moment that allows for personal exploration. To meet the unique needs of each traveler and support their unique journey, Rimowa offers a variety of specific formats, with a range of products ranging from the classic suitcase, available in cabin or trunk format for long trips, to shopping bags or shopping folders. daily trips, passing through different accessories on a trip. In more limited editions, cases intended for chess players, collectors of clocks or cigar lovers are regularly designed in the form of prototypes or unique custom-made pieces. It is with this attention to detail that the famous Tropicana suitcase was, for example, designed to protect the fragile equipment of film crews, photographers or journalists from tropical humidity or arctic cold.

Adapted to each situation, Rimowa luggage also bears the travelers’ personal signature. There Home thus uses the notion of “persönlichkeit” (personality, in German) to describe aluminum, this material that “reflects the character of the people who use it”, and encourages the affirmation of their individuality. Dents, scratches or stickers accumulated throughout the trip are valued, considered witnesses of the passage of time. Overcoming the concept of customization and experience customRimowa suitcases become objects of souvenir, true “memory passports” that maintain an intimate relationship with their user.

Suitcase Takashi Murakami.© Rimowa

Rimowa x Yue Minjun Edition collaboration archive bag.© Rimowa

The Rimowa suitcase, between creativity and meetings

Each excursion is also a source of inspiration, shaped by the encounters it provokes. Rimowa fuels this creative energy and freedom inherent in travel by developing collaborations with other brands, including SupremePalace, Dior Or Off white, and starting special editions with artists or athletes. The SEIT 1898 exhibition, which recalls the history of the brand on the occasion of its 125thIt is anniversary, thus presents exclusive pieces, such as the suitcase designed to protect the tennis racket from Roger Federer. From an everyday object, the suitcase also becomes an artistic object, and Rimowa calls on artists to appropriate their universe to reinvent it through the objects in the “As Seen By” series, where artist Fabian Bergmark Näsman offers a version with horns of the Original suitcase. Support for Rimowa’s creation continues to be reinforced, namely through the launch, in 2022, of the Rimowa Design Prize, a competition dedicated to young design creators.

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