Discover Italy by train

In five days, do you feel like you got a good overview of these two cities?

Thomas: Yes, I found the length of stay to be ideal. With three days in Turin and two in Bologna, I had enough time to explore both cities. And I still had the opportunity to drink a beer or an Aperol several times.

How were your trips there and back? In your opinion, what are the advantages of traveling by train?

Thomas: For me, the round trip worked very well and without interruption of connections. To be able to travel without stress, I planned a time to change trains in Milan. The seat reservation, included in all Railtour ticket reservations, was worth its weight in gold on the Bern – Milan line: in Switzerland the train was packed and Not everyone got a seat. I appreciated the fact that my seat was guaranteed for the entire trip. Leaving Milan, I traveled for an hour aboard the Italian railway company’s flagship, the Frecciarossa. This high-speed train is very comfortable, offers enough legroom and, as seat reservation is mandatory, no one had to stand. In my opinion, the main advantage of the train is avoiding traffic jams which can increase travel time and the holiday atmosphere.

Karen: My travels went well. I left Bern at 7:30 am heading to Milan and took advantage of the transfer time to have a stress-free coffee. The journey continued from Milan to Verona, where I arrived around midday, just a few minutes’ walk from the historic center. I really enjoyed the trip with SBB and Trenitalia. During the journey of about four hours in total, I sat comfortably, with enough leg room, even in 2nd class. Under these conditions, I wouldn’t mind sitting for eight hours. This experience showed me once again the advantages of traveling by train instead of plane. I didn’t have to worry about the weight of my luggage or wasting time due to check-in and security checks.

For you, Thomas, the journey continued in Italy with the train from Turin to Bologna. Are rail connections suitable for holidays in Italy?

Thomas: I think Italy is particularly suitable for a train ride. For example, there is a line that stops in Milan, Bologna, Florence, Rome and Naples. Interspersing intermediate stops gives the possibility of a very diverse trip to Italy. I recommend visiting Milan last: after a shopping trip, your suitcases will probably be full to the point of bursting!

Karen: I would add that traveling by train also offers advantages for families. Many trains offer specially designed compartments for children with colorful pictures on the walls and sometimes even slides and games tables. The fact that young people can move and play freely during the trip is a real advantage.

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